Cannelloni of fresh pasta alla nerano, ricotta with basil, smoked cheese mousse, zucchini and mint glaze, yellow cherry tomato jam and dehydrated zucchini flowers

Fresh pasta stuffed with potatoes and herbs, with marinated cod, celery and MªLuisa granita plankton caviar and lobster glaze

Burrata ravioli with butter and sage, parmesan mousse, foie gras mousse and hazelnut butter

Dried pasta linguine with pistachio cream, carpaccio prawns, basil caviar and myringa crunchy with plancton

Paccheri fresh pasta with tuna and caramelized onion cream, lime sour cream, marinated tuna belly and dehydrated mussel powder

Gragnano spaghetti with orange sauce, rosemary butter, sea urchin and dried tuna

Risotto with creamy cacio e pepe, scallop sashimi, black lemon, prawn mayonnaise, black garlic and sea air